Angel City Outcasts photo


From California's underground scenes and dicey juke joints, to big stages and international tours, Angel City Outcasts have come to be known as a unique and imaginative entity that continues to win over fans from all over the world. Kicking ass and taking names while shrouded in myth and lore, ACO is the Clint Eastwood of rock bands!

Quite appropriately can Angel City Outcasts be described as Rock n Roll's bastard child as the band was fathered by an eclectic bunch of musical forefathers including southern and hard rock, punk, classic country, blues and even soul and R&B. While it's these diversities that give the band that distinct sound, their homage to these genres is also what gives ACO its cohesively classic feel. It's no surprise that audiences from different generations can frequently be seen enjoying some aspect or another at their live shows. The older fans relate to the traditional melodic and visual sensibilities that the band takes on as the younger crowds absorb the electric energy and youthful urgency that ACO brings forth. In times of mediocre and gimmicky acts when flavors of the week come and go, Angel City Outcasts have managed to survive many a times of trial and tribulations by staying true to their principles of making music their way and on their own terms. The band's talent and vision have not gone unnoticed, as the band has procured a loyal fan base from every continent as well as shared the stage and/or toured along side such acts as Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, The Pogues and Social Distortion.

In spring 2010 Angel City Outcasts is releasing its long awaited third and arguably most ambitious album to date. In true ACO tradition, the record displays and intertwines an ample range of styles and emotions, blending it all together with relentless rhythm, undeniably hooky melodies and their ever-present blistering guitar solos. Angel City Outcasts' die hard following continues to grow everyday as the band forges its reputation as a staple favorite act in rock n roll.