Beantown Boozehounds photo


Anytime the Beantown Boozehounds are around, there's going to be a party.  Their songs are straight up drinkin' class anthems.  The choruses are so infectious; you'll find yourself singing along without even knowing the words.  During their live sets, you'll find yourself throwing your arm around whoever is standing next to you and raising your glass in a toast to all that's good in life.  That's the kind of vibe these guys naturally emanate - on stage and off.

The Beantown Boozehounds formed in January 2007 with one goal in mind, to bring people together for great times they'll never forget.  They are all seasoned veterans of the Boston punk rock scene and their songs are testaments to a life of constant partying, run-ins with cops (as well as trying to avoid them at all costs...), living for today, and the madness that embodies life on the road.  All four members constantly trade off singing lead and back up vocals and both guitar players trade playing lead lines through out almost every song.  All while the solid rhythm section drives the crowd into a drunken frenzy.  On stage, no one member stands above the other.  They play as a tight-knit family. All for one, one for all.  And with this common bond, they have the ability to unify every crowd they play to.

For only being together as a band for a couple years, they have already played all over the east coast and have made small ventures out west, sharing the stage with bands like The Welch Boys, Darkbuster, Bloodshot Hooligans, Born To Lose, Angel City Outcasts, Haggis (Norway), Second Chance (Netherlands), Flatfoot 56, and Far From Finished, just to name a few.

One of the most determined and hard working bands in Boston, they have quickly made a reputation as a feel good, leave your troubles behind, let's have a good time, band.  They don't consider the people who listen to their music "fans".  They consider them friends because where ever they go, they always come home with new friendships made.  A line from "On the Road", the opening song of their debut album "Pour Another Round", says it all.  "It's a long, long road to make it to the top, but with friends like you out there, we're never gonna stop".  And it's true.  These guys are in it for the long haul, so polish up your drinkin' shoes and ready your liver, it's time to drink the whiskey down, and pass the bottle 'round!!

For Fans Of: Celtic Punk, Drunkin' Sing-A-Longs, hot rods, pints of beer, shots of whiskey and the city of Boston.